Sandberg Critical Studies Department: A Trace, A Break, A Letter Shape

‘A Trace, A Break, A Letter Shape’ is a collection of essays, prose, poetry and images by the students of Sandberg Instituut’s Critical Studies department.

We’ve worked and studied alongside each other, reading texts and sharing influences, all of which surfaces in one way or another throughout this compilation. The publication is sorted into three subsections that group the contributions according to how they thematically or formally relate to each other.

‘A Trace’ collects texts on the subject of home and figures a loose topology of this complicated site. Home, in these contributions, is morphing, geographically uncertain and forever haunted.
The second subsection, ’A break’, is a thematic and conceptual departure for three essays, as a political/social/relational rupture, a romantic inevitability, a disruption voiced from the gut.
Finally, ‘A Letter Shape’ traces the form and function of the letter: the letter as an epistolary gesture, the letter as the framework for il/legible exchange.