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Aaryan Sinha: Feels Like a Mirage

This research paper is a collection of essays written in many places and in many states of mind over a period of a year. It covers a range of topics related to India, including its history and relationship with photography. The author, an Indian citizen living in the Netherlands, shares their personal struggles with accurately portraying their home country through photography, and their frustration with being pigeonholed as an “Indian photographer”. The delve into the history of the cast system and colonialism in India, as well as the discrimination faced by marginalised groups. The text also explores the role of photography in colonialism and the pressure to be “objective” in politically driven projects. The author reflects on their biases and struggles with privilege and cultural sensitivity. Additionally, the text covers the author’s personal journey of self-discovery and identity formation as they navigate their relationships with India and the West. Overall, the work attempts to offer a nuanced and complex reflection ono the author’s personal journey and the larger societal issues that they are navigating.