Adelita Husni-Bey: Who Cares?

How British government policies and financial cuts affect early childcare: an illustrated story.

Here, caregivers and parents from North London collaborate with Italian artist, pedagogue and filmmaker Adelita Husni Bey (born 1985) to examine the widespread closing and service reduction of care centers across the UK due to financial cuts.

Husni Bey has organized workshops, produced publications, radio broadcasts, archives and exhibition work using non-competitive pedagogical models through the framework of contemporary art. Working with activists, care workers, architects, jurists, schoolchildren, spoken word poets, actors, urbanists, athletes and teachers across different backgrounds, her work focuses on unpacking the complexity of collectivity, to make good what can never be made good: what we owe each other.

‘Who Cares’ contains an illustrated story; the text “The Coming Care” by researcher, curator and educator Janna Graham; an interview with Jo White, head teacher at Portman Early Childhood Center; and a discussion by Husni Bey and Alex Thorp, Education Curator at Serpentine Galleries, discussing the effects of government policy on care. Fifty percent of sales from the book will go directly to the Portman Early Childhood Center.