Allison Katz

This first comprehensive monograph encompasses the manifold painterly practice of Canadian London-based artist Allison Katz (b. 1980). Highly representative of a new generation of artists tackling painting and what is it to be a contemporary painter in the 21st century, she is also creating objects, posters, videos, installations, and collaborating with artists such as Camilla Wills, Fredrik Vaerslev, and DAS INSTITUT.

Gathering together Katz’s successive bodies of works since the beginning of the 2010s, this monograph includes essays by Oakville Galleries director Frances Loeffler, writer and art critic Kirsty Bell, poet Lisa Robertson, MIT List Visual Arts Center director Yuri Stone, as well as a conversation between the artist and artist and editor Camilla Wills.

Graduated from Columbia University, New York, Allison Katz’s work has recently been exhibited at the Tate St. Yves and Billedrommet, Tonsberg (2017), and at the Kunstverein Freiburg (2015). This volume is published on the occasion of her two-part solo exhibition Diary w/o Dates at Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Canada (Winter–Spring 2018) and The List Visual Arts Center, MIT, Boston (Spring–Summer 2018).

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