Anuradha Vikram: Use Me at Your Own Risk

Use Me at Your Own Risk: Visions from the Darkest Timeline by Anuradha Vikram takes place in 2046, a near future where both automation and climate collapse are more advanced. In five provocative sections, Use Me at Your Own Risk confronts the ethical challenges inherent in our unprecedented shift to automation. Vikram sets the stage for these imagined futures in vivid detail, describing environments, complex characters, and events in disparate locations from New Delhi to Los Angeles. Described by Vikram as an activist art project, this speculative novel asks us to question our role in the destruction of our environment, the impact of automation on society, and heightened inequity across class, race, and gender.

Use Me at Your Own Risk is published as part of X Artists’ Books’ X Topics (XT) series, a collection of single-author books focused on the writing and ideas of marginalized voices.