ARCH+ The Great Repair: A Catalog of Practices

‘The Great Repair’ is an oxymoron. The title captures the convergence of two seemingly contradictory principles: the revolutionary ambition for systemic change and the evolutionary act of repair. Despite the justified (postmodern) skepticism toward revolution as a concept of rupture, we must not abandon our aspiration to bring about profound transformation. The philosopher Eva von Redecker formulates this thought along similar lines in this issue:

Two English language issues of ARCH+ Magazine for Architecture and Urbanism are published in collaboration with Spector Books to accompany the exhibition. The first issue ‘The Great Repair. Politics of the Repair Society, (May 2023) serves as a theoretical introduction to the topic, while this second issue ‘The Great Repair. A Catalog of Practices’ introduces practices of repair and will be published on the occasion of the exhibition’s opening as a catalog.