Around Labor, Art and the Auratic Condition

(This is Not a Love Song)

Published on the occasion of the collaboration between 3 137 and the curator Ilaria Conti, within the framework of the sync Curatorial Fellowship (January – March 2020) ‘Around Labor, Art, and the Auratic Condition (This is Not a Love Song)’, the edition features as contributions texts by four curators and scholars who have been active in Athens, Greece, on issues of labor in art, including iLiana Fokianaki, Elpida Karaba, Evita Tsokanta, and Despina Zefkili; an image by Erica Scourti especially commissioned for the publication; the Greek translation of key language tools developed by the U.S. based organization Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.); and a collection of practical and playful exercises to rethink and reorganize one’s immaterial labor.