Benni Ciappini: Words on Wor(L)ds

Words on Wor(L)ds is an onto-logical exploration of words. Rather than analysing them as communication tools, it wonders about the connections between words and the world, and about the preciousness of a dialogical way of seeing. Flowing from soundwaves to the dialect of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, from metalogues to dialogues, the following pages are voiced through different styles of writing, combining narrational pieces, transcriptions of conversations, and experimental pieces.

Being my background in photography, these pages want to wonder about how the realm of images and words meet and where they overlap, and where the link between one’s mouth and ear lays. Can they communicate with each other?

How can an image be a conversation?  Through the pages of this book, I wish to create an open playground of words, where it is possible to invent terms and let letters dance, where images are dialogical, and where the hows prevail over the whats. Digging into the how of something allows us to research it from multiple points of view. Hows generate multidirectionality and multidimensionality.

A dialogue is a melody, and each question is a shelter

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