Boris Achour: ABC

‘ABC’ is an fragmentary alphabet book (expect sequel, and possibly prequel) written by ten international art writers as a reaction to the work of French artist Boris Achour. They were not assigned specific works and, as some did, were not expected to even refer directly to the movies, sculptures, actions or any medium Boris Achour likes to work with.

An anonymous amateur writer said: “If I had been asked to participate I would have chosen “T” and spoken about TV, more specifically about ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘The Wire’ because half of our time with Boris is spent talking about those, not that you would see it in his work except that you might now, having read they relate”.

Other words you will find written about: Alienation, Balls, Desire, Games, Generosity, Heroes, Normal, Postcard, Rose, Solitude, Translation, Usage, X (Anonymous), Y (the insubstantial parenthesis between X and Z) and ZigZag.

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