Can We Speak in Between?

Written during a writing and editing workshop with Lieven Lahaye.

In our conversations, the works that are spoken in between keep a conversation going. They fill in the gaps, hold things together, encourage us to continue speaking. A story is told by feelings, motions and gestures. Our “yes” and “no’s”, our “mmhmms” and “what’s?” provide something for speech to carry on. We speak in between.
Things have already lives some times. When they were created, they had a reason and a lifetime in front of them. Then someone grabbed them, their destiny forever altered. They are found in places they are not meant to be in, just to be found and talked about again and again.
Flyers for a rave are taking place before your time, a napkin taken from a diner, an abandoned photo album, photos from an archive strewn about, a rope made from horse hair is kept in a box in the trunk of a car, birth charts, color tables, footnotes, letters, systems.

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