Catalog #19: Shimmer, Slice, Accretion

Catalog is a serial publication about cataloging written by Lieven Lahaye and designed by Ott Metusala. This is Catalog issue 19 ‘Shimmer, Slice, Accretion’, it follows three notes on the surface of a desk in order to look at notes scratched in the margins of a Sarah Schulman book, addresses in childlike handwriting, paragraphs, threshold moments, mushrooms, mumblings, STUFF and other forms of gushing.
“Shimmer, slice and accretion jump out at me from the surface of my desk.
‘SHIMMER’, scribbled in pencil on the bottom of a printout of Joan Didion’s 1976 New York Times essay ‘Why I write’. ‘Slice’, written in light-blue marker above a transcription of Scott Carrier’s 1996 radio piece, ‘The Test’. Arrows drawn in pencil trace a vase-like shape around three curved lines underneath two dots. They represent the process of accretion.”
Catalog issue 19 is part of an ongoing sub-series on near invisibility. Formally, each publication is an offset-printed A2 sheet folded into a signature. The series of signatures will be compiled into a book. This is done in the trust that the presentations, talks and conversations that stem from one issue’s publication will influence the next issue. And the next. And the next.
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