Céline Condorelli: After Work

An exhibition catalogue of the first survey exhibition of pre-eminent artist, educator and publisher Céline Condorelli.

Céline Condorelli has been the driving creative force behind two decades of artwork, exhibitions, workshops, public spaces, books and institutions, and throughout it all has shown us that the reception of objects and artworks are never immune to the conditions of their display.

This book is published on the occasion of ‘After Work’ at Talbot Rice Gallery – Condorelli’s first ever survey exhibition that combines major new works, immersive installations, drawings and maquettes from the artist’s studio alongside contributions from Condorelli’s friends and collaborators, among them Anna Barham, Revital Cohen, Tuur van Balen, Hannah Catherine Jones, James Langdon, Grace Ndiritu and Delphine Reist.