Charles T. Jacobi: Some Notes on Books and Printing

‘Some Notes on Books and Printing’ is a practical treatise on the production of books in nineteenth century London. It guides the novice from manuscript to distribution, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the people and processes involved.
This book presents a facsimile of the 1892 edition alongside new texts, to trouble conventional assumptions of obsolescence and provoke a different relationship to time and history, unfettered from the demands of ‘progress’.

Temporal Drag is an imprint of A6 BOOKS, based in the London Centre for Book Arts. We re-publish copyright-free texts—from the LCBA library and beyond—to put them in conversation with new ones. With a focus on texts about book and print culture, we consider the potential that the arises from engaging with ‘obsolete’ practices and ideas in the here and now. – London Centre for Book Arts

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