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Elena Braida: The Perfect House has become a Ruin

Starting from the notions of commoning and reproductive labour embedded in the architectural framework of public washhouses in the villages of Northern Italy, Elena Braida initiated ‘The Perfect House Has Become a Ruin’. An invitation, a publication, a collaborative approach to question the hierarchy between the act of making and cleaning. With contributions by Sasha van Aalst, Ola Korbańska, Francesca Lucchitta, Francesco Emilio Restuccia, Lisa Rovner, Vida Rucli, Giulia Soldati, Antonio Vincenzo Sotgiu, Yelizaveta Strakhova and Cleïs Lou Vandam.

This is the first project to be published under ‘Blooming. A blooming venture willing to investigate the notions of publishing, sharing, seasonal crafts and their methodologies. Initiated by Sasha van Aalst, Elena Braida and Francesca Lucchitta in early spring 2023.