Het Bloemblaadje, Dat Tijdens Het Ochtendkrieken Was Gevallen, Paktte Ik Op In De Avondschemering — Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Evelyn Taocheng Wang, winner of the 9th Edition of the ABN AMRO Art Award, is a Chinese artist based in Rotterdam. Her mysterious and seductive work refers to issues around gender, power structures, and identity, as well as the degree to which identity is culturally determined. Her drawings, videos, performances, and installations depart from her personal history and draw from a classically traditional Chinese style combined with a more conceptual approach, blurring fiction and reality. Published on the occasion of the award, the artworks in this book (translated as ‘The Petal which had Fallen At Dawn, I Picked Up in the Evening Twilight’) are all specially printed on fold-out pages.