Fieldnotes #5: High Variance

A book-sized quarterly journal sharing new writing, art and ideas which aims to dig into the in-between spaces: ‘There is always a third thing between two things that are known; we are interested in whatever there is between translations/transitions, things-in-progress, converging genres, methods of excavation and formal innovation.’

Welcome to the fifth issue of ‘FIELDNOTES!’ What follows is an exercise in unlearning the human language: we are folding the edges into the centre, knotting neural pathways, disarticulating limbs and lines, disassembling ourselves across interfacial and ‘intrafacial’ layers, between ‘violence’ and ‘care. This machinic being is skewed towards scattered outliers, this misfitting is deliberate. Words placed side by side in the correct order are limited to performing their functions within a closed system, this doesn’t interest us. We want to know: ‘are you feeding the machine or is the machine feeding you?’