Fresh Flex Work Force

The direction in which the future of work is pulling all of us in is still an open question. We’re in flux, squeezed between work shortages, rising unemployment for a younger category of workers, burn-outs, career changes, strikes, pressed by rising inflation, waiting ominously for some variation of metaphorical winter to come, since actual winter is already here.

And then what is the role of cultural workers in all this?
What kind of workers are they anyway?

Beginning of March 2022 Alina Lupu extended a challenge to a handful of cultural workers and friends. She wanted to know how they experienced their own flexibility, but also what their escape fantasies were. What theoretical backgrounds grounded their decisions, as well as what impulses and drudgery shaped their everyday? Some dived into the present moment, and others went way back, offering an index of flexibility, of how their lives got shaped around work.

The result is ‘Fresh Flex Work Force’. Nothing more than a snapshot, but endlessly insightful in both acceptance and refusal of conditions.