Goldwin 0 — Enquiry #1, #2, #3

‘Enquiry #1, #2, #3’ presents three catalogues in the form of a book project. Published alongside the wider Goldwin 0 project, it documents a series of activations within various spatial, sonic and material contexts that investigate the liminal space where design, technology and art co-exist in harmony with nature.

The book project is born from an intimate collaboration between various cultural practitioners, including musicians, dancers, choreographers, poets, architects, designers, writers, researchers and artists, continuing long-standing collaborations with Daniel Shea. Each enquiry tests the latent potential of true, uninhibited creative experiment, where research, process and outcome cannot come to be distinguished.

Held together in a washi paper sleeve, the book project comprises a large format inter-folded visual research paper, a stab-stitch format made up of multiple embossed pages and a cinematic photobook featuring multiple plates, achieved through an exacting photographic print process. Though the formats may be considered independently, the book project functions as a whole, revealing a generative dialogue between the various approaches.