A collective rewriting of design history

HistoricAll! presents collective and individual works by 27 participants made during a series of workshops by curators, design practitioners, and researchers who facilitated alternative ways of speaking and thinking about design history.

Claiming that design history should be open to ALL implies a more inclusive, less institutional structure in the modalities in which design history is discussed and eventually made public. It suggests the need to include a plurality of voices in the discourse.

Through ongoing discussions and conversations attempts are made to find answers to the following questions: How do we tell the history of design? And who is it told by? Which stories have been neglected and how can they be uncovered and, perhaps, re-performed? What are the tools we have learned and is it possible to unlearn them? What can we learn from each other? Where do we go from here?

This project resulted in the riso-printed homonym zine ‘HistoricALL! A collective rewriting of design history with an inspiring introduction’ by Maxime Benvenuto as well as contributions by curator Cecilia Casabona, all participants involved in the project and the workshop leaders, Alvin Arthur, Mayar El Barky, Annika Frye, Kilian Frieling, Noam Youngrak Son, Maya Ober, Margarita Osipian, and Leanne Wijnsma.