Ho Tzu Nyen: G for Gong

‘G for Gong’ looks at the artistic practice of Singaporean video artist and theater director Ho Tzu Nyen. An extension of the artist’s large-scale solo exhibition at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art in 2019, this book not only explores Ho’s distinctive artistic approach but also dives deeper into the themes of his work. Stunning both visually and acoustically, Ho’s works brim with intricate cultural references—concepts, imaginaries, and allusions to the histories of Eastern and Western literature, art, and music. Through in-depth analysis of Ho’s work and the inspiration behind it—in essays by Anselm Franke and David Teh and a scholarly text by historian Marc Opper, together with an interview with the artist—G for Gong untangles this complex web of references and follows Ho through his hallmark artistic process.