Kajet #5: On Easternfuturism

Over the last three decades of increased precarity and insecurity, the act of remodelling the future has disappeared in the turbulent transformations that took over Eastern Europe. The very notion of imagining a better future was relegated into a worn-out ideal, widely regarded as a by-product of privilege, or removed entirely from the collective imagination. Who has time to think about the future in the age of semiocapitalism, when ideology has pervasively leaked into all forms of existence? Juxtaposed between utopia and absurdity, even the possibility of fantasising about what is to come has been discarded and nullified. The main intention of the fifth issue of Kajet Journal is to tentatively sketch a re-conceptualisation of Eastern Europe’s future: to formulate a novel prototype of Easternfuturism, one that is by no means exhaustive but should be read as an invitation for new cultural, artistic, and activist entities to develop their own understandings of the concept.

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