Kasper Andreasen: High Capacity

This artist’s book is a somewhat fierce picture book showing a personal collection of ephemera collages made of material from the turn of the millennium. It contains 203 photocopies of collaged items collected by the artist between 1998 and 2003 in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and elsewhere. High Capacity is a compressed image of that time. Until 2016, the loosely sorted material had been neatly filed in moving boxes, whereupon the artist took action: “‘Either dump it or keep it,’ I kept saying to myself. I grabbed a stapler and gave it a try.” What you see here reveals his many varied interests: receipts, torn up checks, packaging of all sorts, drawn instructions, snapshots, vinyl lettering, and other textual imperatives. The way the book is printed also yields a fascinating, yet raw, facsimile of these photocopied collages.