Late Bloomer Vol. 1 — Daydream

Over the past year Josefina Anjou and Niklas Büscher have been working on LATE BLOOMER, a graphic novel imagined, drawn and written in collaboration. A tale of symbiosis, the narrative is a hybrid of teen-drama and ecological science fiction. The central character ‘B’ unifies the artists’ own memories of adolescence and a quirky take on antihumanism.

B is a tired teenager searching for her place in a school full of ambitious eco-avantgardists. LATE BLOOMER ‘daydream’ is the first part of a supernatural coming-of-age story, following her through the strange sociobiological experience which is puberty… or is it something even stranger?

Throughout the duration of the launch, large-scale posters will be displayed on the walls of San Serriffe. Furthermore the duo put together an accompanying playlist, gathering young female voices on identitarian quests through twee-, dream- and hypnagogic pop.

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