Lenn Cox: Collective Wandering

Hanging out With Our Everyday Ecology

The intention of this manual is to inspire and support kindred individuals who are in search of an alternative rhythm of learning-working-living. Sharing multiform co-production processes and rituals of self-organisation concerning our common everyday lives. Accompanying her own contributions, Lenn Cox invited various practitioners who resonate with her on a personal and professional level to respond to shared experiences, from and in relation to their respective practices.

The result is a textual and visual gathering of conversations, testimonials and observations, from essays to poetry, from clothing to recipes. I recognise the realisation of this publication as an extension of my curatorial practice, in which I initiate collaborative gatherings and spaces. This manual is such a space. Lenn Cox sees it as a living document, an ongoing conversation. An open invitation to go on a playful adventure with your own everyday ecology.

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