Little Joe #6

A magazine about queers and cinema, mostly.

Little Joe returns! The cover of our first issue in six years features Michelle Handelman’s BloodSisters, the groundbreaking 1995 documentary about lesbian BDSM, accompanying a text on the film by writer and sex work activist Black Venus. Meanwhile LA-based artist Jonesy talks to Roger Earl about his definitive 1975 gay S/M porn Born to Raise Hell.

We are excited to feature new writing by Jeremy Atherton Lin, author of Gay Bar, who has written a short memoir about his time working in a video store with his boyfriend in San Francisco in the 2000s. Elsewhere, artist Liz Rosenfeld interviews artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang about sexual outlaws and surveillance; Tobi Haslett and Ed Halter celebrate the work of pioneering Black experimental filmmaker Edward Owens; Elisabeth Subrin conducts meticulous research into the life and art of French actress Maria Schneider; filmmaker John Greyson and artist Ryan Conrad have an intergenerational dialogue about HIV/AIDS activist video past and present; and gay porn historian Evan Purchell selects his Video Library.

In our regular Visual and Other Pleasures section, we feature short-form filmic memoirs from filmmaker Peter Strickland, playwright Sylvan Oswald and filmmaker Samara Halperin; a meditation on Kathy Bates by Aleesa Cohene and Daniella Sanader; the filmmakers behind Raw! Uncut! Video!, Alex Clausen and Ryan A. White delve into the archives of homegrown gay porn studio Palm Drive Video, and Ms. Vaginal Davis reviews films in the way only she can! The issue also features “Porno,” a dark coming-of-age graphic memoir by acclaimed cartoonist Eric Orner, and a specially commissioned sixteen-page artist project by Martine Syms.

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