Liza Prins: Bitterswiet

A Tiny Mulder Inquiry in Word and Voice

Bitterswiet: A Tiny Mulder Inquiry in Word and Voice is an anthology of essays, poems, and other materials that investigate (the Frisian) language as a tool for resistance against the hegemony of the nation-state. It journeys through the work and life of Frisian poet and resistance fighter Tiny Mulder, through Anne Carson’s theoretical exploration emanating from ‘Bittersweet’, and the history and phonetics of the Frisian language. In doing so, it explores the affective qualities of spoken language in general, and of Frisian in particular, to discover how we may build a borderless, love-
filled assertion of another world. The book is written in English and Frisian, holds contributions by Eduard Knotter and Alina Lupu, is published by n.k.g. Publications, and is designed by Toni Brell.

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