Malin Ryberg: The Girl with the Flying Shuttle

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who went by the name Hope who learned to find her way with the support of a strong female system. The nine women lived together in a magnificent Treehouse, and they all traveled from all over the universe to get there. With the support of each other, they manage to live in harmony without any extravaganza. Life in Oak Town was magical, to say the least. Until one day when Hope’s fascination for a particular object led her to mistakes as well as figure out her role in this universe. As she kept fighting to find her voice and strived for a greater universe beyond herself, she stumbled upon real issues, such as realizing her past, strange things hair can do, and what happens when she includes other women. The interwoven systems that are narrated in this tale are things as privileged, diversity, feminism, the industrial revolution, and our dear climate. How do we come together or apart in times of crisis? I hope that you as a young leader will be inspired to be a dreamer like Hope, mindful as Awaah, progressive as Groryh, calming as Sinoya, delighted as Savora, powerful as Viggo, appreciative as Grattrud, Kind as Kindkua, and as friendly as Allea. I hope you will keep fighting together with me and all the other earthlings for a better world, for that is the reason I’m being truthful, with a touch of magic, so you know what we are fighting for.