Masaki Komoto: Calendar 2023

3 Strands of Floss

Calendar 2023: 3 Strands of Floss takes the gradient effect created by colour palettes used on graphic software and ink sampling sheets as the primary source of inspiration for its composition.

Consisting of 49 different shades of colour, the original hand embroidered calendar was cross stitched using 9 distinctively coloured embroidery floss that were selected and combined into a range of 3 strand floss. These colour combinations would follow a simple 3 letter formula with each colour of thread corresponding to a letter. For example, AAA; AAB; ABB; BBB and so forth. The calendar embroidery has then been photographed and offset printed to a 1:1 scale in full colour. Each calendar comes pre-folded in a hand numbered envelope.

Calendar 2023: 3 Strands of Floss can be used either as a decorative print or as a functional calendar. If you wish to use it as a calendar, carefully separate the sheets along the perforated lines by hand.