Nora Turato: pool 3

Nora Turato’s annually published Pool volumes are both the conceptual source and an ongoing archive for all her works: performances, sculptures, videos, paintings and prints. Here, edited language circulating online is embodied in the book and in multiple media in Turato’s exhibitions.

Pool 3 has been published as a special edition on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Nora Turato. explained away’ at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. For the first time, this third volume includes texts by writers other than the artist: Graham Burnett (Princeton University, Cabinet magazine), Fabian Fl├╝ckiger (Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein), Ana Janevski (Museum of Modern Art, New York) and Sohrab Mohebbi (SculptureCenter, New York); with a typeface by Jung-Lee Type Foundry.

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