Philipp Gufler: Projection on the Crisis

Projection on the Crisis (Gauweilereien in Munich) takes a kaleidoscopic and retrospective look at the early days of the AIDS crisis in Germany during the 1980s – a time in which Munich’s repressive policies against gay people reached its peak: the arrival of the pandemic in Germany and the Bavarian response to it, consisting of a catalogue of measures which envisioned forced testing and separation, instigated by Peter Gauweiler who was Bavarian Secretary of State at the time.

Historic documents from the Forum Queeres Archiv München, assembled by Philipp Gufler, are arranged in chronological order and augmented by conversations with Guido Vael and Hans Jäger alongside contemporary works of fellow artists. The revised second edition also contains essays by Albert Knoll and Hendrik Folkerts, as well as, for the first time, an English translation of the German original texts.

The artist book was first published in collaboration with Hammann Von Mier Verlag, Munich in association with the video installation Projection on the Crisis (Gauweilereien in Munich), 2014, by Philipp Gufler.