Rae Johnson: Embodied Activism

Engaging the Body to Cultivate Liberation, Justice, and Authentic Connection

How do ordinary people with busy lives leverage our actions in support of liberation, justice, and authentic connection? How can activists and social change-makers avoid burning out? How does the body factor into what our social movements miss?
Drawing on the somatic arts, trauma-informed psychology, and anti-oppressive movements, ‘Embodied Activism’ helps us explore and transform the political realities of our everyday lives in a new way: by harnessing the felt experience of our bodies as the sites of our activism.
Rae Johnson teaches us to listen to our body language–and to question body image norms. They show us how to reconnect to our sensual capacities, which we can lose sight of in a non-stop, nervous-system-hijacking world. They give us tools and exercises to nourish ourselves and protect our bodies, minds, and spirits from the toll that activism can take. And they teach us about nonverbal communication styles and how to connect with each other in joyful, authentic community.
‘Embodied Activism’ is written for embodiment professionals, community organizers, and all readers looking for new tools and perspectives for changing the world, one body at a time.