Sadri Khiari: The Colonial Counter-Revolution in France

From de Gaulle to Sarkozy

Just as capital produced classes and patriarchy produced genders, colonialism produced race. In ‘The Colonial Counter-Revolution in France’, Sadri Khiari outlines how and when American-style slavery created the racial system, not just in the United States but internationally, and why the development of relationships of equality within the white community favored the crystallization of specifically racial social relations. More than just a response to the dialogue, debate, and trauma of immigration today, this book looks beyond the right/left dichotomy of the issue in politics to the more fundamental political existence of immigrants and Blacks, who must exist politically if they are to exist whatsoever. Race is not biological: race is political. And it is the manifestation of the colonial counter-revolution. In France, that counter-revolution started with General de Gaulle, and continues today, where the anti-colonialist fight of Palestinian Arabs and the anti-racist fight of Arabs and Blacks in France have the same adversary: white Western domination.

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