The Happy Hypocrite #12: Without Reduction

‘I stole The Happy Hypocrite’s title.

Welcome to ‘Without Reduction’, the twelfth and final issue of The Happy Hypocrite. I also stole the theme of this issue. From a book I saw in a used bookstore in New Haven, propped up beside a copy of HH issue 1. That book was Quantum Theory Without Reduction edited by Marcello Cini and Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond. I’ve chosen my editorial methodology, ‘Without Reduction’, because I’m greedy – this issue has more contributions than ever before. […] Can I say with certainty I now have a stable definition of the term experimental art writing? Well can I? No, I cannot. HH has consistently resisted such a demand to anthologise. HH is a symptom.’
– Maria Fusco

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