The Murmering of the Artistic Multitude

Global Art, Politics and Post-Fordism

In ‘The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude: Global Art, Politics and Post-Fordism’ art sociologist Pascal Gielen defends the hypothesis that the globalized art scene is an ideal production entity for economic exploitation. In the glow of the creative cities and the creative industry, governments embrace this Post-Fordist work model and seamlessly link it to the globally dominant neoliberal market economy.

Gielen does not simply critique the current situation, but is also searching for the ingredients that the art world needs to preserve its own dynamic and freedom. His quest leads to places of intimacy and ‘slowability’ in the hectic global flow of artistic events and artistically-minded trends. This third edition has been thoroughly updated with his latest insights into the political dimension of art, autonomy and the relationship between art, ethics, and democracy.