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Vicente Luis Mora: Centroeuropa

At the dawn of the nineteenth century, European feudalism is starting to crumble. Newly widowed, Redo Hauptshammer arrives in a small Prussian town to claim a plot of arable land and the simple life of a freehold farmer. Digging a grave, Redo finds the body of a soldier. The next day, Redo uncovers two soldiers from an earlier time, perfectly preserved.

This archaeological novel digs into the strata of the European soil, uncovering a long history of oppression, expropriation and erasure. It contains the story of Redo’s mysterious life, and the great love at the heart of it, revealed in chapters of increasing length: as the bodies proliferate, the story gets more complicated. What will be excavated from the earth, and what will remain buried?

Audacious, playful and wickedly funny – in a bold yet lyrical translation by Rahul Bery – ‘Centroeuropa’ cements Vicente Luis Mora’s reputation as one of Europe’s pre-eminent experimental writers, while introducing him to the English-speaking world.