Werker Materials 4/5/6

a people’s memory of a working class neighbourhood

“Photography is a social activity, a gathering place. As Azoulay suggests in her book the civil contract of photography, several agents must be present for the full act of photography to take place, and their roles are interchangeable: model, photographer and viewer. Understanding photography as a gathering place transforms a medium traditionally dominated by unidirectionality (model / photographer) and hierarchy (photographer / viewer) into a social space for the sharing of all sorts of information, which, in our case, links photography and our artistic practice to the vital forms of knowledge and experience of the marina’s neighbourhoods other diverse platforms, groups and associations, with whom a collective self-representation process has been activated. We round out this proposal with a series of hashtags, with the goal lending continuity to the process by which the neighbourhood’s living memory is constructed, a process that we believe is essential to the production of political and critical imagination: a situated imagination.”