Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes

The ‘Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes’ confronts the colonial foundations of unjust global systems driving the climate crisis through public hearings giving voice to marginalized communities against states and corporations.

‘The Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC) is a collaboration between Framer Framed, Indian academic, writer, lawyer and activist Radha D’Souza and Dutch artist Jonas Staal. The project consists of a large-scale installation in the form of a tribunal that prosecutes intergenerational climate crimes. The aim of the CICC is to prosecute climate crimes committed by states and corporations, not only in the past and present, but also in the future. Central to this book is the first iteration of the project, commissioned and staged by Framer Framed, Amsterdam, during which public hearings were held against the Dutch State and transnational corporations registered in the Netherlands: Unilever, ING and Airbus.