Mark E. Smith & Graham Duff: The Otherwise

The first ever publication of Mark E. Smith’s screenplay for a horror film, coauthored with Graham Duff.
In 2015, Mark E. Smith of The Fall and screenwriter Graham Duff co-wrote the script for a horror feature film called ‘The Otherwise’. The story involved The Fall recording an EP in an isolated recording studio on Pendle Hill. The Lancashire landscape is not only at the mercy of a satanic biker gang, it’s also haunted by a gaggle of soldiers who have slipped through time from the Jacobite Rebellion. Every film production company that saw the script, however, said it was “too weird” ever to be made.

‘The Otherwise’ is weird. Yet it’s also witty, shocking, and genuinely scary. Now the screenplay is published for the first time, alongside photographs, drawings and handwritten notes.

The volume also contains previously unpublished transcripts of conversations between Smith and Duff, in which they discuss creativity, dreams, musical loves (from Can to acid house) and favorite films (from Britannia Hospital to White Heat). Smith also talks candidly about his youth and mortality, in exchanges that are both touching and extremely funny.