Mark Manders: All Words and One

This is a book about a single word: ‘Skiapod’. What started with the task to take a single word out of all existing words, and to extend and change the meaning of that word, soon became a fascinating journey through our human history and our strange human minds. In this book you can see how an idea can travel through different periods, crystallize in different artists minds and freeze in various media. From cave drawings to a fax, from Malevich to Guston. The book also formulates questions: why do we need to create images and meaning? What do we try to grasp by creating an image of a mythical figure? Why do we need to do that? And exactly where can we find truth in the different chapters of this book? Does this book also say something about all other existing words? Shall we start making other books about other words? And what is the exact word for the blue printed on the cover of this book?