Renée Green: Inevitable Distances

Since the late 1980s, Renée Green’s practice has imagined and expanded the ways in which art can give form to underwritten histories, collective memory, and circuits of cultural exchange. Her writing, installations, films, digital media, and sound works continue to trace and interrogate the power of cultural institutions and their relationships with language, knowledge, and constitutions of selfhood, while at the same time indicating other ways of being and becoming.

This artist’s catalogue extensively illustrates Green’s previously undocumented early work alongside recent installations, personal ephemera and excerpts from fiction selected by the artist. Essays by a new constellation of writers relate Green’s work to legacies of migration and displacement, language and access, as well as alternative approaches to reading and being read.

RENÉE GREEN (*1959) is an artist, writer, and filmmaker known for her highly layered and formally complex multimedia installations in which ideas, perception, and experience are examined from myriad perspectives. Green’s exhibitions, videos and films have been seen throughout the world in museums, festivals, and art institutions, highlighting her unique approach to natural sciences, history, and aesthetics. She is a Professor at the Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT.

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