Unbidden Tongues #6: Cutting Out Reading the New York Times

‘Unbidden Tongues #6: Cutting Out Reading the New York Times’ took the form of an event, held on Saturday, April 9 from 4–6pm at Kunstverein München. The event unfolded over a newly conceived spoken-word version of Lorraine O’Grady’s collage series Cutting Out the New York Times. The initial work consists of 26 ‘cut-out’ or ‘found’ newspaper poems that O’Grady made on consecutive Sundays from June to November in 1977. This booklet—which contains the poem The Renaissance Man Is Back In Business—acted as a guide for listeners at the event, during which five of the poems from the series were recited and broadcast through a public announcement system installed at Kunstverein München, reinterpreting the poems through their performance while still maintaining a commitment to the original format from which they sprung: print media and its oral translations in broadcasting.

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