Werker Materials 1/2/3

on art education

This publication presents a sequence of three documents on the subject of progressive art education. These documents were gathered in consideration of the recent austerity politics in the Netherlands that add hazard to public education. In 2014 the Dutch government passed a bill that turned all previous student grants into loans. Graduates from higher education and university will now start their work life as debt citizens with an average due of between €.21.000 and €.25.000 the paradigm of education as a universal human right is thus further defied by this transformation. Werker materials is a series of documents that consecutively build an alternative perspective to the current timeframe and its political issues.

‘Werker materials 1 / 2 / 3’ is published on the occasion of to be continued: een geshiedenis van de gerrit rietveld academie. amsterdam 2016.