Zsofia Kollar: Object-Oriented Identity

Cultural Belongings from our Recent Past

‘Object-Oriented Identity: Cultural belongings from our recent past’ is a journey through objects and identities. Through curiosity, it helps discover the unforeseeable directions in our product-oriented society, where one is no longer the sum of their actions, but the sum of their own objects.

‘OOI’ is a catalog constructed as a result of a personal fascination with understanding the nature of our consumption. It investigates the odd connections between objects and history and their cultural relevance in our individual and collective identities.

Everyday objects are presented through a new lens, for one to show another side of these familiar items, and for another to question how much these objects can transform or manipulate one’s identity. Objects are becoming a part of our bodies, everything we own is an extension of the body and mind. The tools that we are shaping and that are now starting to shape us are at the edges of our comprehension. We have to understand how tools are shaping us, and how to cope with that shaping in the time of hyper-change.

In today’s world, the consumer spree carries on regardless, and a few of us are aware that we are still willing servants to a completely artificial injunction to consume and to define ourselves by what we consume.

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